Forgive or Forget

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A group of people are brought together to have one last conversation with a loved one using the EDEN software, but what secrets will they reveal?

This film looks into the dark depths of our trust in technology, and how that can be used against us.

‘Forgive Or Forget’ is brought to you by the creators of multi-award winning web series ‘Ghost Girl’. 

Why This Story?

With an ever-increasing presence of technology in the modern world, there seems to be no end to new ways to make our lives easier. But how often do you wait to hear the terms & conditions before agreeing to use the latest social media site, online shopping, or AI assistant? This film looks into how technology can be designed and manipulated to find out our deepest fears and secrets and used as leverage.

In ‘Forgive Or Forget’, the EDEN system allows the living to have one last conversation with the deceased by using memories, characteristics, and emotions that were registered when they were alive. Now we don’t want to give away too much, but as you can imagine the people who come to say their final goodbyes are met with difficult decisions and have to realise their darkest fears.

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