Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl is a web series created by Charlotte Sharland and produced by Moonchild Pictures.

Starring: Janetta Ivanova, Connor Croucher, Emma Natasha Holdaway (nee Miles) and Kieran Farmer.


Originally airing in 2019, ‘Ghost Girl’ follows Roxy Moore who has always said she can see ghosts, but no one believed her until they had to. Now with a fellow student murdered she must help Detective Max Wolfe solve the case – by speaking to the victim.

Charlotte Sharland began writing ‘Ghost Girl’ at the age of 15 and it finally aired when she was 20 years old. In 2020 it won Best Web Series at Lit Scares International Film Festival and became available on Amazon Prime Video for UK viewers.

This was Moonchild Pictures’ first production, working with a zero budget and filming in Berkshire. The cast consisted of 3 leads and 10 supporting actors.

Watch ‘Ghost Girl’ here