Moonchild Network

The Moonchild Network is made up of actors and filmmakers who have worked with us on productions. The aim of the Network is to open up future opportunities working with each other, whether that be with Moonchild or independently.

Want to work with someone from the Moonchild Network? Contact us and we can put you in touch!

Charlotte Sharland

Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

Charlotte has produced all of Moonchild Pictures’ productions. She is also the writer of ‘Ghost Girl’ and ‘A Chapter In Life’. Charlotte played The Spirit in ‘Ghost Girl’ and Jo in ‘A Chapter In Life’.

Charlotte has been working on ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as the producer, director & writer as well as starring in it as Chloe Shaw

“Creating projects at Moonchild Pictures is a huge passion, being able to give myself and other creatives a way to showcase our talent & work in early stages of our careers is fantastic. I get to work with a lot of amazing people. We are creating the next generation of filmmakers and that’s a prospect that excites me immensly!

David Dobbs


David was a voice actor in ‘The Fey’ as the Paramedic. He is soon to star in ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as Michael Shaw

Working for Moonchild Pictures has been incredible fun, the atmosphere on set is both professional and friendly, and I’m lucky to have gotten the opportunity to be in one of their amazing productions

Lauren Hutchings

Actor, Model

Lauren played Mimi Alpin in. ‘Ghost Girl’. She is soon to appear in ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as Eden.

Regen Rampton


Regen was an actor in web-series ‘Ghost Girl’ portraying Nathan Saunders. He will soon appear as a lead cast member in ‘Forgive Or Forget’ playing Lee Reddan.

“Moonchild Pictures has helped me act comfortably in front of camera as well as building my confidence. The projects that I have been involved with have allowed me to develop new skills and work with some amazing and talented individuals. I have enjoyed my experience here and I am looking forward to up and coming projects.”

Aj James

Director Of Photography (D.O.P.), Director, Producer

Aj first worked with Moonchild Pictures as the cinematographer for ‘A Chapter In Life’ before returning as director for ‘The Fey’. He has just finished working on ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as the D.O.P.

Being a part of the Moonchild Pictures team is great as we’re all creative and enjoy making films and meeting new people.

Janetta Ivanova

Actor, Songwriter, Singer

Janetta is recognisable as Roxy Moore in ‘Ghost Girl’. She created the title song for the series and her debut single ‘Better In The Morning’ was featured in ‘The Fey’.

“Moonchild Pictures are a company full of passionate, creative and inspiring people who I adore working with. From the first day I’ve met them to now, they’ve helped me grow massively. Through them, I’ve secured connections to a record label and other influential creatives in the industry. Working with Moonchild Pictures not only provided me with incredible opportunities, but also a heartwarming supportive group of people who I can always rely on.”

Kieran Farmer


Kieran portrayed the role of Kale Green in ‘Ghost Girl’

“Moonchild Pictures has boosted my confidence a lot making me 10x more comfortable in front of the camera and in the industry. It has also helped me secure an agent, and get a lot more work in the pipelines.”

Connor Croucher

Actor, Runner, Boom Operator

Connor played one of the leads as Detective Max Wolfe in ‘Ghost Girl’. He has also worked on ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as a runner & boom operator.

“Moonchild Pictures has given me the opportunity to excel in my acting career having done two projects with Charlotte now (one while she was at VUTV and then Ghost Girl). I have learnt a lot and gained experience being on set, I can honestly say Moonchild Pictures made everyone on the projects feel like one big family. I am so grateful to them and we are in talks with future projects. I can’t wait to be part of their journey”

Leah Sherrick

Makeup Artist, Photographer

Leah has worked as lead makeup artist on ‘Ghost Girl and ‘A Chapter In Life’. She also works as our stills photographer. Leah has just worked on ‘Forgive Or Forget’ as an MUA and Unit Photographer.

Working with Moonchild Pictures has been great for on-set experience. It’s also help me get a handful of amazing contacts to help with future job prospects in my field of work. Always will be a company I will never refuse to work for.

Phoebe Measures

SFX Makeup Artist

Phoebe first joined us as a makeup artist for ‘A Chapter In Life’ and after that was our lead makeup and special effects artist on ‘The Fey’. She has just worked as an SFX Artist on ‘Forgive Or Forget’

“Being a part of Moonchild Pictures’ Network means being a part of a thriving creative hub. The people I’ve met on these projects have been some of the most driven and inspiring kind, and every shoot is an organic collaboration from start to finish. It’s my honour and pleasure to be a part of the team.”

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Maria Mendes


Maria portrayed best friend Stephanie in ‘A Chapter In Life’. She can also be heard in ‘The Fey’ as the voice of the Dispatch Operator.

“I’m so thankful for Moonchild Pictures. Being a part of it means being surrounded by people who love and value filmmaking the same way you do as well as wonderful startup connections. Through Moonchild I have met people who help me become a better actress on and offscreen, as well as granted me opportunities to realise what kind of actress I want to be – it’s important to know who you are when stepping into this industry; Moonchild Pictures has been a great part of helping me understand that.”

Mark-Antony Marini

Actor, Writer

Mark-Antony wrote ‘The Fey’ and starred as its lead character Dorian.

“Working with Moonchild Pictures as a writer and assistant producer was a dream. Charlotte has the work ethic of a mule, and really helped to bring ‘The Fey’ to life. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Aimee Sturgess


Aimee portrayed best friend Hera in ‘The Fey’

“Being a part of Moonchild introduced me to new ways of filming and gave me the opportunity to develop as an actor in front of the camera.”