WOW World Group

Charlotte has helped our business with a variety of projects and has proved to be not only excellent in her ability to deliver really high quality content but also great from all points in the projects she has worked on in terms of brief, concept, production and delivery. Our wide and varied team all get on great with her as well which is a massive help. I could not recommend her more highly

Sean McKeon, WOW World Group

When the Covid-19 Lockdown first came into place in March 2019, Charlotte was hired by the WOW World Group to create content for class leaders & parents to assist in home based video classes.

The WOW World Group consists of companies Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy and KeepaBeat First Aid. Charlotte worked with a team to create commercials, in-house content, public viewing entertainment videos and an NHS Rocks charity video. Below are some highlights of these