Moonchild Pictures

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Moonchild Pictures was set up in late 2018 by Charlotte Sharland. The idea was for new/young creatives in film/TV to work together and create their own projects, finding what roles they enjoy working in and exploring their own talent.

Since 2018 Moonchild Pictures has created a 10 part web series and 2 short films with more in development. Majority of our productions are created with a zero budget, meaning no money is put behind them. The idea for this is to show new/young filmmakers how it is possible to make high quality work with no backing and help them learn how to overcome obstacles, find ways to secure locations and be time conscious while filming.

Actors and filmmakers that work on projects with Moonchild Pictures are added to our exclusive Moonchild Network. These creatives get access to each other to network & create future projects as well as automatic shortlisting for auditions & crew calls on future Moonchild projects. When actors/filmmakers have worked on a project with us they also receive an IMDb Credit and now we publish our work on to Amazon Prime Video, with the hopes of not only elevating the project but also the seriousness of our team as actors and filmmakers in a tough industry.

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